October 11, 2016

Is Modi Neutralising China's "String Of Pearls" ?

(Old post from my another blog http://security-perspective.blogspot.in/2015/09/is-modi-neutralising-chinas-string-of.html  Friday, September 11, 2015. Moving here for consolidation)

Since the new BJP-led government has come, we have been witnessing a lot of foreign trips by our new Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. Is there something more than economics behind these visits? Well, if we look at these visits and the geopolitical change taking place around the globe, it looks there is possibility of a major military adventure which can't be denied.

The "String of Pearls" set by China in the Indian Oceans to contain Indian within the ghetto's of South Asia. The "String of Pearls" include Gwadar (Pakistan), Hambantota (Sri Lanka), Chittagong (Bangladesh), Sittwe (Myanmar), which are in close proximity to India. Every one understands that its to secure China's energy supply lines as its dependent on petroleum imports heavily similar to India. But same ports can be used against Indian interests in case of any eventualities.

I believe India needs to take as many pearls away from the "String of Pearls" as possible. Since Narendra Modi's government have come to power, we are observing a good nice thought approach to counter the Chinese challenge. That is pluck the pearls away from the "String of Pearls". Lets talk about each of the pearls one by one

Burma :- Myanmar government now has much better relation with India as compared to china. There has been some unease between the relationship of Burma & China post Kokang incident. Relationship with India on the other hand has improved following the military operations near the Nagaland-Burma border. Indian security personnels like Ajit Doval and others are visiting Burma to improve relations. It has been a known fact that Indian Military & Burmese military relationships are good & cordial and they don't have any conflict. Many times when burmese crossed the border following burmese rebels Indian Military looked as if nothing happened and same thing is being done by Burmese military now. I believe there are some talks of Indian government helping Myanmar fight the insurgents of Kachin. Myanmar on its side is trying not to be more than dependent on china and is trying to build closer relationship with India & ASEAN countries. India is financing construction of Sittwe port in Myanmar to access its land locked north east.

Bangladesh (Chittagong):- Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh to move the Indo-Bangla relationships to the next level. The main highlight of the visit was actual closure of Land Boundary Agreement with exchange of enclaves, which has been due for long. Bangladesh will be able to use Indian territory to access markets in Nepal & Bhutan, 2 Billion $ of credit to Bangladesh, two new bus services to connect kolkata & north eastern states, and many others. Teesta didn't took much attention as all attention was grabbed by LBA agreement. The one with the highest strategic implication was allowing Indian Cargos to use Chittagong (One of the pearls). It means Indians cargo will enter the port and at the same time have some information on the chinese movements their. Now Bangladesh & India share much more greater trust and hence chances of Bangladesh allowing China to use its naval or land resources for anti-India activity is low.

Sri Lanka:- Sri Lanka & India always had some hiccups in their relationship in the past because of LTTE. Former Sri Lankan president Rajapaksa was much closer to chinese than to Indians. But with the change of power, new president Sirisena is moving the balance of power back to India. China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) which was responsible in development of Sri Lanka's colombo port city is involved in corruption charges. Hambantota has not proved to be economically viable yet with loan and interest amount to be paid to China, even after being declared a free port. Well one can concede that even the new Government in Sri Lanka can't offend the chinese as they are in need of investments and can't repay the loans already taken. However, new Sri Lankan government has given some hints that it may not allow any submarines to doc in its port ,in future, to calm down Indians. India so far has focused its investments in the north of Sri Lanka (Erstwhile - Tamil Eelam). But with the Chinese economy showing signs of going down and Indian economy picking up the present situation can be turned around in near future.

Pakistan's Gwadar & Iran's Chabar: Well this is open knowledge of everyone that India can't do anything about Pakistan to stop anti-India activities. So the Indian response has been to develop Chabar port in Iran. However interesting both the ports are located in the provinces having some Baloch resentments. With western sanctions expected to end very soon, India needs to get Chabar port developed fast and make it operational for bigger ships, while working in sync with Iran government. Development of this port will provide India with the better access to landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia countries. So a great game is being played here between India & China.

Well the above were some of the ports as part of China's "String of Pearls" around India. And the counter balances which India is taking to nullify the encirclement. Hopefully, under Modi's leadership India will emerge as a super power and not be enclosed in ghettos of South Asia.

Balochistan is not Bangladesh, but its worth trying !!!

Suddenly Balochistan is in news. Credit goes to Shri Narendra Modi, the Indian PM. Most of the people in India never knew about Balochistan. Coming directly to the subject. Many of the people are getting an impression that India can easily separate Balochistan from Pakistan, as they did with Bangladesh (East Pakistan) in 1971. This perception is wrong because of the below key differences between Bangladesh & Balochistan.

Differences between possibility of Independence between Balochistan & Bangladesh

  • India doesn't share any physical boundary with Balochistan as they did with Bangladesh. 
    • Ability for logistical support will be bare minimum.
    • Direct Military action is not possible
  • Pakistan mainland has a direct boundary with Balochistan which was not the case with Bangladesh.
  • No Political direction or single political leader
    • In case of Bangladesh, Sheik Mujib-ur-Rehman was a single united political force which could rally the masses of Bangladesh after him.
    • In case of Baluchistan, there are different tribal chiefs with their own views. There is no single united binding futuristic view of them for Balochistan as a single Nation. Sardar's personal feuds and rivalries are pulling back a united attempt for freedom
  • No clear vision on what could be a future Balochistan as a Nation. How the natural resources will be used? Will it be an Islamic republic?
  • Population of Balochistan is much less as compared to Bangladesh. Its a sparsely populated province. Pakistan can change the ethnic demography of the province
  • Terrain information, language & socio-cultural connect is low with India
  • Iran Factor: Iran will not support idea of Baloch nationalism as it may impact the Baloch population in Iran. They may want to join the new Balochistan Nation. In case of Bangladesh, there was no such case with any other neighbor. 

Fig 1. Ethnic Baloch Population

Based on above points, its very clear that India can't play a role in case of Balochistan as it did in case of Bangladesh. It has to use only covert means.

How India can support the Struggle:-

India can support the Baloch cause in various ways
  1. Give a voice to Balochistan Cause & build an opinion among various countries
    • India can provide a voice to Balochistan cause in various international forums. 
    • Many nations might be interested to know because of the geo-strategic location of Balochistan as well as resources & minerals in the biggest province of Pakistan
  2. Build a consensus among freedom fighters
    • Sardars have their own personal rivalries & feuds. A consensus is needed among them to work as a cohesive unit
    • Make middle class & sardars work together for a common goal of Freedom for Balochistan
    • Help define the dream of Balochistan as a single nation with a way forward.
  3. Support of Afghanistan & Iran
    • Baloch nationalism may directly impact the territorial integrity of Afghanistan as well as Iran. Both being friends of India, India should build an understanding that the new Balochistan state will only in Pakistan part and they won't start a new struggle to unite the whole Baloch population once they are independent.
    • Support from Afghanistan & Iran can help provide India with some ground to help the Baloch Freedom Fighters
  4. Support from China, Russia & US
    • Convince China that Free Balochistan will favor it with availability of resources and no impact will take place for existing projects. 
    • Chinese support will give a guarantee for Chinese civilians working on CPEC
    • Connection of Gwadar & Chabahar port, once Balochistan is free state.
    • Build confidence among Russia & US that resource rich Balochistan will provide a fair access to its resources
  5. Arms, training, monetary, tactical & moral support
    • For any insurgency to sustain for long they need arms training as well as money to feed themselves.
    • Support from spy agencies with intelligence of Pakistani military movements
  6. Put pressure on Pakistani Army with Multi fronts
    • 3 fronts pressure can keep Pakistani army spread accross
      • Af-Pak Border - 
        • Waziristan operations : Pakistan is busy conducting Zarb-e-azb operations in this part. 
        • There has been some conflict between Afghanistan & Pakistan near Torkham gate
      • LOC with India 
        • India needs to keep pressure on Pakistan to keep its bulk of army in LOC because of security threats from Indian side
      • Ethnic tensions in different parts of pakistan will keep them busy internally. Like MQM's dictat in Karachi.
      • Baloch Front

What India can attempt for below objectives:-

India can objectively achieve to target the below using Balochistan, as India is a peaceful democratic nation and may want to elevate more people out of poverty rather than war
  • Get Kashmir issue kind of resolved with converting of LOC to actual border.
    • Talk with Pakistan that if they don't stop, India will divide Pakistan into 4 nation
    • China will want Gilgit-Baltistan to be settled as CPEC passes through it.
  • Make Pakistan give more rights to Baloch people and some more autonomy. India can convince Balochs with autonomy and make compromise on separation.
  • In-road access to Pakistan & India among themselves.
    • India will benefit from trade with Afghanistan & Iran
    • Pakistan can trade with Nepal, Bhutan & Bangladesh
    • Better Economic prosperity

Hopefully, Balochistan can serve to fulfill the above three objective and make the people of Indian subcontinent improvise on their standard of living

May 28, 2016

Odd Even Formula for Cars in Delhi applies for Laundry at home also !

Memories of Laundry starts from when we were child. We have seen our mothers washing clothes with their own hands. I have seen her using Detergent soaps to rub the clothes. Their  hands have become rough with the time.

Earlier, it was considered as girls job to do this work while men used to go out for work. I don't want to go into if it was right or wrong.Washing of clothes has become much easy with time
Washing Machines has taken the place in all households doing all the hard work. That was what i used to think .But its not true .I have seen my wife often,  rubbing  few areas of clothes which had  got stains on it even after washing in machine .I asked her why , she told me : "Some stains stay back even after washing from Automatic washing machines".

That was the time I realized washing machine was not the complete solution unless you have a good detergent powder specifically made for Automatic washing machines.So it was right time for us to try out the Ariel Matic.

With Ariel Matic our household's #LaundryGoesOddEven. One of the reason which I feel made this odd even formula work out better was Ariel Matic's ability to remove even the tough stains. There was no need of extra effort in hand washing. Men will be Men, they can't learn years of expertise of Hand Wash in a day. Hand wash is a delicate task and we, inexperienced men, can apply extra force, extra powder  and tear the clothes apart. Thanks to Ariel Matic to give "The Men " the equal right and play an active role in helping  our beloved mother & wife. Ariel Matic has served as an equalizer.

I went to the washing area .Started filling water in machine .My wife saw this and was surprised at my gesture. She asked what are you doing? I told her today I will wash clothes for you and  you take rest .She replied instantly, "Are you  going back to your hostel life days ?". I said no, it is just helping and supporting you in sharing the work load . Her question made me realize that  I never  had an issue washing clothes when I was in hostel. But I never washed them when I was at home, either my wife or my mother washed them. Then I just asked the Question "Why is this " to myself & felt guilty. But then said lets forget past (Past is Past) lets work on present & future. :-) and make life and wife happy.

I was busy washing clothes on that specific day. My kid came running to me when i was  washing the clothes. He didn't gave any surprising look, may be because they are not educated/taught by the society on what we should do & what we shouldn't. Hopefully, he will remain the same once he grows up.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

May 22, 2016

#Immunity4Growth : Strong from Both Inside & Outside.

On 8th of May 2016, there was a meet to discuss on #Immunity Factor & its necessity for growth. The meet at Vivanta by Taj was organised by Horlicks & GSK in association with IndiBlogger.
I, being a Father of a young one, was determined to attend this meet without a miss. I had to cancel one of the planned activity for this meet, and yes I can say it was much more worth to attend the #Immunity4Growth Meet.

I started for the event at 3 pm to make sure I reach the event at Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore on time.  
The event started with the Registration and greeting at the check in counter. Check-in was done using QR code, which was very swift and good use of technology.

The meeting started with introduction of Jill Castle, America's Childhood Nutrition Expert, by Anoop. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and childhood nutrition expert with over 25+ years in the field of paediatric nutrition. It was a very informative & eye opener session. The session by Jill was followed by a panel discussion.

In short, Its a 3-phase of fight to get  #Immunity4Growth.

1. Acknowledge the Problem :- First thing for us is to acknowledge the problem of Nutritional deficiency among our children. Statistically its said that 30% of the kids in the developing countries are with Micro Nutrients deficiency. Well stats are stats, lets worry about the world & others later. Lets check the Nutritional  value of our own kids. One can do that at http://nutrimeter.horlicks.in/.

2. Understand the Problem :- Hidden hunger is one such problem in which there is a nutritional deficiency inside but from outside kids look nutritionally sufficient. For children to grow well outside, they need to be strong inside.

3. Fight back the problem of nutritional deficiency:- A planned & complete diet is the main solution. To make sure that the kids have a proper diet parents, teachers & school staff needs to be educated and make them part of the war against the nutritional deficiency.There are only few food products which can be regarded as wholesome. So make sure that you have wholesome nutritional diet.

  • Milk & Egg have all kinds of nutrients.So its a must to add them as part of daily diet to make it wholesome.
  • Follow 5210 formula:
    • 5 : Increase in Fruits & Vegetables as part of diet.
    • 1 : Few hours of Activity to keep kids fit
    • 0 : Avoid Artificial Beverage
I took a pledge on Mother's day as a Father, thanks to Horlicks, that I will be part of this fight against Hidden Hunger for my kid. Lets build our future - strong from Both Inside & Outside.

After the panel, there was a good nutritional dinner :-) along with networking with fellow bloggers.

February 04, 2016

Have a #Colgate360GoldMornings

In an urban city, in between work life and personal life, somewhere we have lost a healthy way of life. Most of the urban dwellers have life which is always short in time for most of the activities. To accommodate, professional & personal activities we somehow compromise health of ourselves.

Yeah I know, while reading you will say we know all this, talk something quick & short. So I would say in this "quick & short" life, by changing just a few things can save our lives from unhealthy to healthy life. This could be from taking a proper bath to have a proper sleep. It could be having a proper food to doing a proper exercise.  

There has been a lot of focus or talks on yoga, morning walks, healthy food, etc. But while all these are important, oral care is somehow neglected. That is because we took it for granted that a quick brush is sufficient to safe us from all the problems. Until we are forced to visit a dentist because of  an oral problem. Most of us brushes daily, but with a neglect of not using a proper brush which does a complete 360 degree cleaning. Its not just the teeth, even our gums and tongues need a good oral care.

Well not just health, to boast both our lives and confidence, one way is good fresh hygiene. For a good blast of freshness we need a fresh and healthy oral care, with the gold standard of whole mouth cleaning. Even strangers will like a fresh good white smile rather than a dull yellowish smile.

So what can a good brushing do to change your old dull mornings to new Gold Mornings : #Colgate360GoldMornings.
  • A good healthy teeth - Insensitive to hot/cold water
  • A white teeth - Beautiful smile
  • Gum Protection - Teeth will last longer & stronger, with no gum decays
  • Clean Tongue - Fresh breath of Air
  • Save you from visits to Dentist
  • Welcome you to closer visits to your friends & family
  • Last, Self belief, confidence & freshness for a better and more productive days with a happier mood !!!

I have moved my mornings to #Colgate360GoldMornings. Have you?

October 21, 2015

Earlier it was We now its just Me n my Smartphone !!!

Long long ago, in a small town of West Bengal, there lived a group of kids. All of them were from the same padda (locality). This paltan (पलटनof kids used to go to same school, play together, meet daily and used to do lot of outdoor activities. There schedule was like

  • Wake up for School
    • There was no alarm.
    • One of the Family Member used to make us wake up.

  • Once kids were ready for school at a specific time
    • There parents used to get a Rickshaw wallahs to drop them to school
    • They had to call Rickshaw wallahs 
    • They used to talk with Auto-wallah and bargain, and even talk other things while kids used to delay their arrival to board
    • Kids used to love those colour full Rickshaws. Every one of them with their own paintings and style.

  • While Kids were gone & in school
    • One of Family member used to go for buying Fresh vegetable & fruits
    • Again Rickshaw wallahs used to come into picture.
    • There was No Ola & UBER
    • If the member was in hurry, they will ask rickshaw wallah to ride faster.
    • There were lot of other talks while rickshaw used to move
    • Different family members used to do different things like: preparing food, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, cleaning home, work at office, etc.

  • Once Kids are back from school
    • They used to have food & may be have a light sleep
    • In Evening all the friends used to come out of home.
  • Play Time
    • For playtime, one who starts first used to go another's house and call him loud
    • While the friend is coming, they used to talk with others in friends house.
    • Some giving lecture on how to study and how to be a good kid, and blah blah. But there used to be some talk
    • Once the Baltan has assembled, they used to play.
    • There was not whatsapp or mobile phones to call each other directly.

  • Seasonal activities
    • Kite flying season

  • TV Time
    • They used to watch some serials in Doordarshan
    • There was no remote control to change channels
    • There was no fight to change channel
    • There was just one option - one channel
    • Some disruptions used to make people go and play with antenna to get a proper TV signal
    • We used to shout from roof - "Aaya? Dekho .. Aaya kya?"
  • Telephone
    • There was just one telephone for a family. Sometimes one between many neighbours.
    • Not everyone used to call daily, as it happens today.
    • Once a call used to come - "Tringgg... Tringgg... Tringgg.."
    • Most probably it won't be of the person who picks up.
    • Then there used to be big loud shout for the person -- " Jaldi Aao ... tumhara phone aaya hai.... "

  • Night Time Serials
    • While having food, we used to watch Surabhi
    • They used have quiz and we used to send answers in Post Card
    • There we no SMS or Tweet your answers options

  • Bed Time
    • It was peaceful
    • There were no notifications tone from mobile ringing
    • There were no worries to put mobile devices to charge

Now time has changed. 20 years from that time, kids & parents behave differently. 

I don't deny that everyone is lured with nice features of smart phone. But how it has changed the life now.
  • Now every one is so busy with their own work individually
    • There is no family telephone - Everyone has their own mobile and direct contact
    • Family members hardly know your friends and vice versa
    • Postcards are not used that much. Now the letters or emails are a private affair
  • Every one has own choice & preferences
    • While watching TV, even in a smaller family of 3-4 , everyone wants their own channel to be viewed.
    • Everyone chooses their own dresses from their smart phone. There is no one person who buys for whole family.
  • Low interaction with the unknown folks
    • People now no longer look for rickshaw wallahs and negotiate. They now have Ola & Uber. The only reason they want to know the name of cab wallah is to complain and not talk.
    • People hardly talk to Sabzi wallahs daily for the fresh vegetables. They will order one weeks grocery through smart apps like Big Basket, etc
  • The season and festivals have become more like a deal season to buy goods from apps in your smartphone - Amazon, Flipkart, etc
The present time is well pictured in the video below 

I believe though the times have changed. We still need to have a real touch and real interaction with folks around us. We need to start enjoying the real togetherness. Lets break the shackles of the digital world and connect with people directly. Lets start enjoying the feeling and share emotions directly one to one, without any mediator (digital world). Lets build a kissanpur around us.

August 31, 2015

Asus Bangalore Divas Meet.

Well, I happen to attend a Divas meet. Yes, I am not a Diva. But was forced to attend. Courtesy one of two most important Divas in my life, My wife. She was invited to one of All-Girls only affair blogger meet at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore by ASUS. She wanted me to also come there as our 10 months son, Akshaj, need to be taken care of and at the same time Akshaj wanted his mother's company. In all this affair of mother, son and Asus a poor dad, that's me, got involved.

After a lot of reluctance, I had a call to the organisers and they agreed that it was fine if I can accompany my wife. This gave more ammunition to my diva for life to convince and attend. Well, I finally succumbed to all the emotional "attyachars" and we went ahead with our plans to attend. I have to admit the event was really good, even though I was initially reluctant to be part of it as it was a Diva meet.

We reached the venue - Taj Vivanta, M G Road, Bangalore on 13th Aug 2015. We were late by 30 mins, courtesy Bangalore traffic and heavy rains which took place. Event started a bit late too probably for the same reason. I utilized the time to go over to counters which had the Zen Phones displayed. One of the counters had Zenny - the ASUS mascot. There were some Zenny Pen drives too.

The other counter had all the new Zen phones getting launched. I got chance to get hands on all of them.

Arindham & Komal from Team ASUS gave all the guests a brief overview of ASUS and what this event was all about.

Peter Chang, MD of Asus India, took over the centre stage and gave more details about the devices launched in the ZenFestival by ASUS. Steffi later on gave a live demo of the devices from the Zenfone portfolio.

Anusha Dandekar, one of the most popular VJs was the surprise for the divas. She gave them a good know how on make-up tips and poses required for perfect selfies. Divas also had a Selfie Ramp walk & group Selfie contest anchored by Anusha. All the exercise were really liked by the guests present at the venue.

Winners of both the contests were given Asus Zenny pen-drive and a Lolli Flash accessory from Asus. At end, ZenTalk, a platform to connect with ASUS users,  was introduced. Nice Dinner was also served there.

The phones at display were:

ZenFone 2 Deluxe This device delivers powerful all-round performance. It has a gorgeous new multifaceted polygonal finish accentuating the signature ZenFone 2 Ergonomic Arc design. It features a display size of 5.5-inch with Full HD IPS display, 13MP/5MP Pixel cameras, 2.3GHz  processor and 4G/LTE connectivity. With 4GB RAM, the device's responsiveness was really good. It has a fast-charge technology which can charge for 60% capacity in just 39 minutes. 

ZenFone 2 Laser had a powerful 13MP camera with an f/2.0 wide-aperture lens to capture stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag — augmented by laser auto-focus technology that empowers users to capture perfect clarity in just 0.3 seconds.  It is Available in 5-inch (ZE500KL), 5.5-inch (ZE550KL) and 6.0-inch (ZE601KL) versions with up to 1920 x 1080-pixel Full HD resolution. It has Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and also boasts an up to octa-core 64-bit Snapdragon processor with up to 3 GB of fast memory for unwavering performance.

ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL) has a dual 13MP cameras, dual-color, dual-LED Real Tone flash both front and rear, plus laser auto-focus for ultra-fast shots with complete clarity. Ergonomic Arc design and intuitive rear key makes capturing selfies much easier than ever before. It has a huge 13MP resolution and an f/2.2-aperture, 88-degree wide-angle lens to capture more of every smile in selfie mode. The unique Selfie Panorama mode enables selfies with an outlook of up to 140 degrees, so everything and everyone becomes part of the shot.
ZenFone Selfie’s rear camera is just as advanced, with a large f/2.0 aperture lens for superior low-light shots. Both cameras are engineered with five-prism Largan lenses and top-quality Toshiba sensors, and include dual-LED Real Tone flash technology for perfect illumination in any lighting conditions. ZenFone Selfie also delivers superb macro photography that works on subjects as close as 6cm, plus rear laser auto-focus to compose shots in the blink of an eye.

ZenFone Max (ZC550KL)  has a incredibly-long-lasting high-capacity 5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery that gives users an unprecedented amount of battery life. It has a bright and clear 5.5-inch IPS display with wide viewing angles, protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for unrivalled scratch-resistance, strength and everyday durability. At the heart of ZenFone Max is a powerful yet power-efficient 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor with up to 2GB of RAM. ZenFone Max features a 13MP  /5MP PixelMaster cameras with a wide f/2.0 aperture, and the rear camera also boasts laser auto-focus for sharp, near-instant shots. 

In Short I will say, Overall all the devices are good. But depends on your present pain area.

  • If battery life is the most important thing for you, go for ZenFone Max (ZC550KL). 
  • If you do lot of picture capture & sharing, then go for ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL)
  • If you want a highly responsive device, then go for ZenFone 2 Deluxe or ZenFone 2 Laser

August 20, 2015

Airtel - The Fastest Network in India

Recently Airtel launched 4G services nationwide roll-out across 296 cities in India. With the launch, Airtel has become the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services. The expected download speed on Airtel 4G can be as high as 42 Mbps and Upload speed of about 12 Mbps on airtel 4G TDD network. That's simply amazing. It will definitely move India up in the ranking of nations based on that mobile data speed average. Airtel is undoubtedly the fastest mobile data network in India at the moment.

 For any user to start using 4G services, user needs the below three things
  1. 4G Device
  2. 4G SIM
  3. 4G Plan
To make it even simpler, you just need to input your airtel mobile in the Airtel 4G website, to check if 4G ready. Based on your check, if you don't have a 4G device, you can buy one, e.g. say Moto 3 gen or any other device of your choice. 

Most of us will probably not have a 4G SIM. So if you are an Airtel customer with a 4G capable device, Airtel offers a free upgrade from 3G to 4G. Getting a 4G sim is easier than ever before. Just tweet using #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G SIM delivered to your home for free, Once you tweet you will get a reply from @AirtelIndia twitter handle directing you to a link where you can enter your details for 4G SIM delivery.

Isn't it amazing that one can just upgrade from 3G to 4G for free and get a 4G SIM delivered at home real fast that too for free. Now no more waiting for song or movie downloads or picture uploads.

One can get speed as high as 42 Mbps. Just imagine now we can download movies in less than 3 minutes. If we are streaming a movie we don't need to wait/stop in between because of slow data connection.  Songs can be downloaded in just 1 seconds.

Interestingly, the TV commercial by Airtel clearly show the difference the huge leap which this launch will take in common Indian's life who were deprived of good data speed.

Video Downloads:-  Just imagine with 42 Mbps download speed a movie of say 900 MBs can be easily downloaded in less than 3 minutes. Its real. No more waiting for download to complete.

Photo Uploads:- With upload speed of 12 Mbps, one can upload an album with 40 pictures of 2 MBs each.

Download Songs:- With 42 MBps download speed a song of 5 MB can be downloaded in just 1 second.

Well I'm moving to Airtel 4G as soon as my Moto G 3rd Gen is getting delivered to me. When are you moving to the Fastest network in India?

Airtel 4G laga dala to Life Jingaa La La !!!!