December 14, 2013

Fun always ends with "Lime" - The Bacardi Breezer

Breezer is a fruit wine-based alcopop with 2% alcohol in India. Its available in many flavors like Jamaican Passion, cranberry, blackberry crush, island pine apple, orange, lime and many others. As you can see below.

Even though I have noticed breezer is more popular among ladies, but its liked by men too. Out of all those flavors I personally prefer Lime. 
 Coz its my choice baby ...yay yay....on a serious note, post drinks many of us prefer lime soda. 
But why Bacardi Lime ? 
I see "Lime" The Bacardi Breezer to be great replacement for lime soda. The taste is really nice. It has a perfect blend of lime flavor and being a little tangy and  fresh. Even if you see the way its packaged it looks very niche. 

Does it means its just my personal choice, thats it. No...Lemon-lime soda is a good cure for hangovers, according to a new study. A group of researchers has concluded that while some beverages shouldn't be consumed after drinking a lot of alcohol, lemon-lime soda should be consumed.
Various alcoholic beverages containing different concentrations of ethanol are widely consumed, and excessive alcohol consumption may result in serious health problem. The consumption of alcohol beverages is often accompanied by non-alcohol beverages, such as herbal infusion, tea and carbonated beverage to relieve drunk symptoms.

So just instead of having a lemon-lime soda or any other Bacardi breezer, I will prefer - "Lime" The Bacardi Breezer. It 

  • Tastes great
  • Have a lesser alcohol %age (~2%)
  • Relieve drunk symptoms
So whenever you party make sure you end all the fun with a good taste that keeps your blue away !!!

For more info. please visit BREEZERINDIA.COM

P.S. This post is an entry to a contest held by Bacardi and Indiblogger.

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